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When you are a mom it seems that time is always short and to-do lists are always long! I often feel there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done! If you feel the same way then guess what?! I have some tips for you! 

Here are four time saving tips for moms so that you can get more stuff done in less time!!! Read on, Mama! 

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Time Saving Tips for Moms #1: Plan, Plan, Plan

Planning is POWERFUL. I am a HUGE planner. I love making lists, checking items off, and finding the most efficient ways to do things!  Planning gives me peace of mind and helps me take on stressful days. I plan our routines such as our morning routine, my cleaning routine, and our night time routines. I also plan our meals out 1-2 weeks in advance. This small little plans save time and help our weeks to run more smoothly! 

Time Saving Tips for Moms#2: Be Prepared

Preparing is so helpful! I do a few different things to prepare for the following days/week. There are probably some things you already do that make things easier too! Here is my list, maybe it will give you some ideas too!

  1. Layout Clothes

I lay out my daughter’s clothes for the WHOLE week! This might sound crazy, but hear me out. Before I put away her laundry for the week I put together her outfits for the upcoming week. This accomplishes 2 different things. The first is that she actually wears all of her clothes. If I don’t do this then I am usually in a rush in the morning and I just grab whatever is at the top of her drawers. The second thing this accomplishes is that it makes it really easy for my husband to get her dressed on the mornings I go to work early. You might say, ‘He’s her father! He is totally capable of getting her dressed on his own!’ and yes you would be right. He definitely knows how to get her dressed on his own. But I use the word ‘dressed’ loosely. She usually doesn’t match and most likely is wearing 3 different floral patterns. MEN!

2. Update your grocery list throughout the week. 

I use apple notes on my phone to write out our grocery lists. (My husband is also synced to the same list so that either person can do the grocery run.) As I use things up throughout the week I quickly jot it down on my list so that I remember to buy it when we go to the store next.

3. Food Prep

This varies for us week to week. Sometimes we prep a lot, sometimes we only prep a little. It all depends on the meals we have going for the week. But I don find that on the weeks where I take that little bit of extra food prep time it saves me a ton of time on the other end. But this is a balance for us.  




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Time Saving Tips for Moms #3 Preserve… 

So, moving right along. What is another time saving tip that is often forgotten? Preserving! What do I mean by preserve? I mean preserve your clean house, preserve your sanity, preserve your plans! 

You have gone to so much work cleaning your house, planning and preparing meals that it would be a shame to let it all fall by the wayside! 

When I say to “preserve” your clean house I mean to not let things fall apart once you have taken the time to fix things up. Clean up little messes as you go! This will save you SO. MUCH. TIME. in the long run. I make my daughter clean up her toys in one room before we move to the next room. We clean her room quickly before she goes to bed every night as well. 

Doing this things take seriously 2 minutes or less. You know what takes a lot longer? Saving all the messes for that future day when you think you will have more time. 

I don’t know about you but I much prefer to take a few minutes here and there to clean up then to spend hours cleaning on the weekend. Try it out, and tell me what you think. Maybe I’m crazy….. or maybe I’m a crazy genius, who knows?! 


Time Saving Tips for Moms #4 Multitask

I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Multitasking is a must when you are a mom. There is so much to do and not enough hours in the day to do it!

    1. Fold laundry while your toddler is doing a quiet activity
    2. Start a load of laundry each morning
    3. Clean the bathroom while your kids are taking a bath

I know that multitasking sounds like a no-brainer BUT hear me out. Sometimes I think we as mothers feel the need to be 100% present with our child every step of the day. Especially those of us that work away from home. We feel that we have to focus on our child to make up for the time we are away. But, we need to give ourselves some grace. It’s okay to multitask. It’s okay to not give your child your undivided attention every second of the day. 

Now, before I  get hate messages.  I am NOT advocating that we ignore our kids. I am only saying we can have some grace for ourselves in the moments when our attention has to be divided. It’s okay Mama, really. 

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