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Returning from maternity leave can be brutal! Leaving your little one to head back to work can feel pretty unnatural. Which in some ways I think it is! If we think about it caveman style, it would be unnatural and impossible for women to leave their babies before they were weaned. It’s completely natural that your body, emotions, and brain don’t want to be away from your little one. But, if you have to go back to work before you are ready then I hope these tips can help you out!

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Returning from Maternity Leave Tip #1: Find Clothes that Fit AND Make You Feel Good!

Chances are you still have a bit of extra weight hanging around your midsection. Heck, maybe even other places too! Head over to Old Navy (not sponsored I just love them!) or any store you love and grab some new clothes that will make you feel good about your mom bod. Yes, mom bod should be a thing. We grow humans for nine months for crying out loud so why can’t mom bods be a thing!

Having some new clothes might take a little bit of the edge off of heading back to work each morning! It’s something nice you can do for yourself! Just call it self-care.

These pants from Amazon do a great job of sucking in that rounded stomach! I have them in tons of colors. They are also super comfortable!

You’re Welcome.

As you head back to work to work after maternity leave the best thing you can do is to be sure that you are organized! A little forsight and planning will save you so many headaches!

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    Returning from Maternity Leave Tip: 2 Check in With Your Boss

    When you talk with your boss discuss any changes that were implemented while you were gone, things you need to be aware of so that you can be brought up to speed before you start back. This signals to your boss that you are still a professional and not just a mama! (Sad that we have to remind people of this but….)  

    When talking with your boss you will also need to come up with a plan for when and where you will pump! Legally your employer is required to allow you time and a place (that is not a bathroom) to pump. It will go a long way in easing your transition back to work if you put this plan into place!

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    Returning from Maternity Leave Tip #3 Pack your Bag!

    • Pump
    • Milk storage, I use mason jars and these bags.
    • Pump steamer bags and wipes
    • Cooler and Wet Bag (for transporting pump parts that need to be washed)
    • Pumping bra, I like this clip on one.
    • Change of clothes. Spills will happen.
    • Throw all your gear into a bag like this one or this one!

    Return from Maternity Leave Tip #4 Give up the Extra Duties … if possible!

    If you have extra duties that you can give up for the time being do it. I am talking mostly from my perspective as a teacher. I don’t know how it is in different industries. But, at my school, we sign up for different adjunct duties. Before I had my daughter I was on a ton of different committees! Social committee, Fall Festival, Leadership, Student Teachers etc. When I came back I evaluated my involvement and gave up all but what I felt were most important to me. I stuck with my Leadership Team commitment and was open to Student Teachers that would be a good fit. But I gave up my party planning duties and it was such a relief!

    If you can give up some duties at work do it! It will help a lot with your mental strain!

    Returning from Maternity Leave Tip #5: Start Slow… 

    If you can, go back to work on modified hours or fewer days a week. Don’t ask questions. Just do it. Enjoy that extra fleeting time with your little one.

    If, however, you can’t, try to return from maternity leave midweek. That way you only have to get through a few days before it’s the weekend. This can be like a little trial run for you. Then, take the weekend to recoup and fix any glitches in your system!

    There you have it! 5 tips to get you going! Just be sure to plan ahead and you got this! Let me know how your first day back to work went and if you have any tips for mamas returning from maternity leave! Don’t forget to download my Working Mom workbook!

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