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5 Things New Moms Should Know Before Bringing Baby Home

As a newly pregnant woman or a new mom, you are likely to receive so much advice, both wanted and unwanted. I collected the 5 pieces of advice that I found the most helpful when I was pregnant with my daughter.

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Advice Tidbit #1 Don’t buy all the Baby Stuff… Yet

This was the piece of advice that was probably the hardest to follow. I spent hours drooling over so many different baby products. Crib and Changing Table Sets! Wood Rocking Chairs! Beautiful gliders! Automated rocking cradles! The Mamaroo! The Snoo! The Owlet! The Dock-a-Tot!

I wanted it all and I was positive that those things were going to be my saving grace in those early newborn days.

We ended up following this advice pretty carefully. My husband and I selected only one big ticket item to buy (The Dock-a-Tot) and bought a crib, changing table, Fisher Price Swing, and an old (nonautomated) Rock and Play all used from an online marketplace.

I bought all these items for less than $250 and you know what? My daughter is stoked with all those items. For some reason, she doesn’t seem to notice or care that she doesn’t have all the newest and greatest items.

I do, however, stand by my decision to buy the Dock-a-Tot. I love that product so much.

This bit of advice was extremely helpful for three reasons: First, it prevented me from spending tons of money on stuff that I ultimately didn’t need/ wouldn’t use.

Second, it freed up space in our tiny house for things that we ultimately ended up being given that needed to be stored like play gates, toys, diapers, and strollers.

Lastly, you can ALWAYS buy more stuff if you discover you really need something that you have forgotten about. It’s more challenging to get rid of unneeded baby products.

Advice Tidbit #2 Have a Baby Changing Station in Your Living Room

So with this in mind, I ended up registering for a pack and play with a changing table attachment. It killed two birds with one stone. I had a place I could change her as well as a place to safely set her when I needed to quickly leave the room. This was also great to have in the living room when I would have my mom group come over because hello! when there are 5-10 babies in a room you know that a changing table is going to get used non-stop.

I received a Pack ‘n Play Playard I highly recommend it!

I also really liked it because of the removable bouncy seat. The seat could be used in the kitchen when I was cooking or doing dishes or placed in the bathroom if I wanted to sneak in a quick shower while she entertained herself.

With the vibrate function, she would sleep easily in it when she was a newborn. Now that she is older she plays happily with her teethers or other toys. Both ways I was able to easily get things done while she sat comfortably occupied within my sight.

Alternative Ideas for a Changing Station

If you don’t want an entire changing table/ PacknPlay in your living room you can always just fill a cute box with all of the changing essentials like diapers, wipes, and a few changes of clothes and leave it in your room.

I also had a friend who filled a shower caddy with these things and would carry it from room to room. Or you could stock up one of these awesome carts! I use one of these in my classroom but it would work great for baby stuff too!!!

Another friend of mine used one of these which works great too!

Advice Tidbit #3 You Need a Hand-Held Shower Head

This tidbit was given to me by my husband’s aunt. She told me that I absolutely 100% needed a handheld showerhead. I just nodded and said, “Oh yeah to hose the kid off with?” She laughed and said, “well that and YOU are going to need it.” Little did I know just how true her words were. I had absolutely no idea what a total wreckage my, hmmm how do I put this delicately, down there lady parts become after having a baby. I was so thankful to have my handheld shower head the first weeks and days postpartum.

Oh and bonus I now frequently do use it to hose my kid off with so, you know, it was pretty much win-win! Here is the one that we installed.

Advice Tidbit #4 Stock Up on Plain White Onesies for Baby

This suggestion came from my mom. She suggested that I buy several sets of plain white onesies  Let me tell you I have used those white onesies over and over again. They are such a versatile layering piece, plus is there anything cuter than a baby in a plain white onesie. They just look so fresh and delectable! You can buy a Gerber set here. I really like this pack because has 3 sizes so the onesies can grow along with your baby. My baby was born in January so I also bought a set of long sleeved onesies like these.

Advice Tidbit #5 You are the Boss!

My friend’s grandmother had 7 kids! When talking with her at a wedding shower I asked her what the secret to being a good mom. This wise grandmother, without hesitation, threw out this truth bomb: “Don’t ever forget that you are the boss.” Spoken like a true boss.

This advice proved to be invaluable during my pregnancy and delivery. Read my birth story here. It was also valuable during the early days when we had tons of visitors. I’m sure it will also be extremely valuable once I have a naughty toddler and a defiant (gasp) teenager. Well there you have it, the 5 most valuable pieces of advice I received while pregnant. What about you? Did you receive any great advice? Comment below and let me know!
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