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Tips for dressing a postpartum body fall fashion

Having a baby brings a lot of joy to your life but also more than a few changes. One of the biggest changes I didn’t foresee was just how frustrating dressing my postpartum body was going to be! I expected to lose my baby weight quickly since I was nursing and so I was really underprepared in the postpartum wardrobe department. Rather than stressing yourself out over the appearance of your postpartum body I think it is important to focus on losing your baby weight slowly and safely. This is easier said then done especially when all your regular clothes don’t fit! But I am here to tell you, give yourself some grace and dress that postpartum body with the same love that you dressed your baby bump! Buy some new clothes and be gentle with the body that carefully grew and nurtured your baby for 9 months!

Here are my top suggestions to dress that postpartum body for the fall months!

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High Waisted Compression Pants

Girl, if you are like most women you won’t be jumping into your regular skinny jeans right when you leave the hospital. Be prepared with a few pairs of high waisted compression leggings and pants. One of the best tricks for hiding that postpartum belly is to wear tight bottoms (like leggings) and looser, flowy tops.

I grabbed two pairs of these Compression Leggings and they are so slimming, flattering and most of all comfortable! The high waist stays up and smooths your entire midsection and makes your butt look great! The tummy control is also really comfy for holding in your loose belly. It made me feel less exposed having the compression around my midsection. These leggings are also very reasonably priced and look great with long sweaters, tunics, and t-shirts!

If you are looking for something a little dressier than I highly recommend these pants! They are very slimming, high waisted and really help to smooth out your postpartum body. They also have pockets and look great if you are headed back for work. I can’t rave about these pants enough! They basically are dress trousers that feel more like leggings or yoga pants. You will look great AND feel comfortable! They are also pretty reasonably priced and come in several different colors!

Nursing Bras

If you had read my previous post Breastfeeding Essentials you might have noticed that I said I preferred not to wear nursing bras with underwire. Well, I take that back. I did further research and felt that wearing nursing bras with underwire as not such a big deal after all. One of the biggest things I have learned during motherhood is that I am going to change my mind again and again about certain things and THAT’S OKAY!

It took me 6 months to find a nursing bra that worked for me! I ended up finding this underwire nursing bra which is extremely comfortable and gave me plenty of support and lift. I no longer felt that my nursing boobs were hanging down somewhere around my belly button. Since  I am a 36E so I have decently large boobs which makes it really hard to find a bra that fits adequately. I love this bra because it has full coverage that my boobs don’t spill out of. It is also lined which means your nipples don’t show through. It is absurdly comfortable! It’s also shockingly cheap for a pretty nice bra. I can’t sing enough praises for this bra. Buy it, you really won’t be disappointed! Check it out here!.


Flowy Shirts and Sweaters

This is where you can really dress your style. As fall approaches head into your local shops and just look for shirts that are more forgiving around the midsection. You want to draw attention away from your postpartum belly. By wearing tight bottoms and

a loose shirt you will balance out that baby belly pooch! As the weather cools down oversized sweaters and knitted ponchos will work really well for covering up that belly! I adore this poncho! I might own it in more than one color. This oversized T with dolman sleeves is also very flattering. Paired with a pair of compression leggings and a chunky necklace or scarf and I guarantee no one will notice that extra baby fat! I also really like this oversized cardigan. Or check out this cozy oversized pullover!


If button ups are your jam then they are a great option for covering up a postpartum belly and they also make your boobs easy access! I, personally, have a really hard time finding button ups that fit over my large boobs without causing major gapping. However, if that is not the case for you then rock those flannels! They are so cute! If you do find some flannels that button well over large ta-tas let me know! I would be very interested to check it out!


Scarves serve three purposes. First, they draw attention away from your midsection. Second, they cover up those (if you are like me) large nursing breasts. Third, they really pull a look together during the fall and winter. Sometimes they can even be a nursing coverup! Scarves are high on my list of must-have items, especially now!


Vests are quite possibly my favorite for covering up my belly. I ordered this puppy when I was really feeling down about my belly and let me tell you it really did the trick! I could wear it with a plain long sleeved-t, scarf, leggings, boots, and I felt like a million bucks. It’s super comfy and I pretty much wore it non-stop!

I own it in black, because I buy everything in black, but I will soon be buying it in all the other colors as well! Sidenote, If you are a teacher like I am don’t you find that vests are perfect for teaching? They allow you to move around freely but still keep you feeling cozy??

If you are looking for something that looks a little more rugged then check out this adorable vest with toggle buttons!